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Balance social media and real life #takeaday – Business BEactive

Balance social media and real life #takeaday

Being totally present and readily available via social media has been made relatively easy (or has it)?

It’s difficult to shut it down completely if even possible if that’s how you socialize or communicate with friends and family all over the country or globe, or if it’s how you do business or gain referral business.

Remember: Business BEactive is here with a team who understands and has passion for small businesses. If you can manage your personal accounts, leave the business account’s to us! We’ll even discuss with you on how to best manage your personal accounts.

Here are some tips to balance your social media with real-life while you let us handle your business..

Buy a real alarm clock- by doing this, you will decrease the temptation to go right to your Facebook newsfeed or email.

Make a “no bedroom allowed” rule- get that darn “thing” out of your bedroom at night. We should be spending at least 30 minutes before sleep resting our bodies and eyes to prepare.

Dedicate time for face-to-face contact- even though we’re an online-based business, we still ensure we have at least one contact in each city we operate to still make time to meet with clients when we can. It’s the same for individuals too!

Social media should compliment our relationships with people, not REPLACE them.

Call, don’t text a friend- It’s important to our psychology to have voice communication on a regular basis with those who are special to us. People feel better this way.

Section off certain time for surfing the web- it’s important to have a set time to go on the web rather than checking every 5 minutes.

Take a day off- it’s important to turn your laptop and phone off all day once in a while. It increases focus and allows us to really enjoy our technology-free environment.

Well, we hope these tips were helpful and look forward to hearing how you implement them. If you do, make sure to tag @bizbeactive and #takeaday!