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Millennial Social Media Trends – Business BEactive

Millennial Social Media Trends

Millennials is really reshaping the digital landscape and a strong brand presence on a few social media channels isn’t enough. That’s why you need to invest in Location Management with Business BEactive. Check out our location scanner, here.

Millennial social media usage, commitment and habits are changing. In 2017 some millennials are taking a step back and determining which platforms are most important to participate on and what content they want to consume.

Setting Boundaries on Facebook: Over the past year or so, we’ve been wondering the fate of Facebook and our new generation. It seems that the percentage of older people using social media is closer to that of millennials, does that change the way those younger eyes see social media? In a recent survey, Facebook is less popular with younger generations. Facebook is actually making some individuals feel unhappy by comparing themselves to other friends’ highlight reels and becoming less impressed by dogmatic newsfeed that serves to polarize audiences and moving to less constricting platforms.