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Fundraising Ideas for Your Not-for-Profit – Business BEactive

Fundraising Ideas for Your Not-for-Profit

Many not-for-profits are always looking for ways to publicize their organization and bring in monetary donations. Work with Marie at Business BEactive to plan your event, today! Don’t think that you cannot afford to hire a consultant. Business BEactive is a huge supporter of not-for-profit organization and will often provide services at little or no cost to your organization.

Here are some ideas to get the brain-juices, flowing:

  1. Involve the children- Do not ignore children, because they have power to influence parents and donors. Children have a way of hyping up peer influence which is good for business. Let children participate in a show or other event, and parents will turn out in waves to help the cause and support their children..
  2. Host a street carnival- Get a bouncing castle onto the street complete rented with music or band. Allow people to play games for small amounts of money and charge an entry fee. This is a great joint event idea where many charities in your community can come together to all have different booths and raise money.
  3. Text in dollars- Have people text to donate a small amount, which will simply be added onto their phone bill.
  4. Fashion show- Coordinate a fashion show to feature local merchants, ask for donations at the door. This is a great, fun, and fashionable way to raise funds for your organization.
  5. Organize a competition- Have a competition say eating, dressing or fashion. Members of public will pay to participate in voting or tasting foods or sampling fashion as they donate to the cause. Just be aware of local laws regarding competitions before you start, so you can make sure that your competition is legal!
  6. Wrap events around the holidays- Get people to donate a certain amount of money on their special events. Target occasions such as birthdays and public holidays where it is easy to net many people simultaneously. Valentine and Christmas would be a great choice. For example, you could partner with a local winery for Valentine’s Day to have people purchase a certain type of premium wine where a percentage of the proceeds go to your charity.
  7. Date auction- Line up volunteers in turns for auction and the highest bidder get a chance to go for a date with a volunteer. This is always a fun (and usually funny) event, especially if you include dates with local celebrities!