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Employees, Every Business Should Have – Business BEactive

Employees, Every Business Should Have

Business BEactive is the perfect happy medium when you want to work with a team that respects, understands, and cooperates with a small-business and don’t necessarily have the budget to hire employees. But, when you’re ready to hire a small team, remember that Owner, Marie Pazych is a professional consultant in the field of Human Resources and has experience working with employees of all classifications.

The types of employees you need in your workplace are:

  1. The Mentor: It can be difficult for small businesses to have a formal training and development program, but don’t let that stop you from having junior employees that learn from a more experienced worker, on the job. It’s important to have a few employees who genuinely want to share his/her knowledge with the rest of your team.
  2. The Knowledge Seeker: Not everyone is a leader, but as long as he/she is a learner, there is a place for him/her. Some employees need to know more each day and this is something that can rub off on other employees.
  3. The Renaissance Man (or Woman): It’s great especially in small businesses, that the owner, manager, HR director, etc. is all the same person. When first starting off, it’s a great example as an owner to show your team that it’s important to dabble in different areas of the company. “Pinch hitters” can be very valuable.
  4. The Morale Booster: It’s very important for there to be a morale booster in the group. On the toughest days (and we all know there are some of those), it’s great to have some people on staff that can find the sunshine in the dark. This is contagious and helps everyone stay positive.
  5. The Challenger: It’s nice to have staff that agrees toe everything the owner says, but it’s also a negative if not one stands for what they believe in. If there are a few members of the team who are comfortable speaking out in a group, this is important because it will give your opportunity to grow and answer potential issues before they happen with the general public.

It’s great to have a well-rounded team in small business. And I’m sure that we can all agree that in small business, your team is everything. Consult with Business BEactive until you can create your small team, or work with us to recruit, build, and maintain it for you! Make sure to check out our Instructional Design portion of our website also, to implement it in your training and development program!