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Have-to’s for Off-Season in Southwest Florida – Business BEactive

Have-to’s for Off-Season in Southwest Florida


Some of us permanent residents may be saying “hallelujah!” we have our roads back, or “yay!” it’s time to take a vacation because the snow birds are headed back North. Don’t forget that the off-season is a great way to organize your business and work on a plan that will be 100% by the time busy season comes back around. A few things that small business owners need to evaluate:

SEO/Content: You might have social media pages and a website, but are all of the information fields filled out? Is the information correct? Have you changed locations? Added/changed Services you offer? These are all heavy impactors of your rankings in your search results and your likability on the web. The content of these pages effect your rankings.

Remember: It takes up to 90 days for any changes to be recognized by search engines!

Social Media: Are you posting regularly? Are you using #hashtags? Is your content engaging or are you always selling yourself or your service? Get on track with engaging photos, posts, videos, etc. to keep your audience interested!

Blog: Do you have a blog? Are you posting weekly? Monthly? At all? Blog topics can make or break the interest in your website and bring many visitors if planned properly.

Pinterest: Have you considered using Pinterest? There are many ways small business owners are using Pinterest to increase business sales!

All of the above will effect your overall presence on the internet and IT IS important! Call or email Marie today at 239-293-0061 or marie@businessbeactive.com.