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Are you following the Facebook do’s and don’ts? Most businesses don’t… – Business BEactive

Are you following the Facebook do’s and don’ts? Most businesses don’t…

It seems that everyone has his/her opinion about what should or shouldn’t be done on social media. Here are some social media tips for you and your business to engage your audience, but not bore then, nor annoy them…

  1. Do- Post 80% social posts and 20% business. Even on your business or professional page, you want to post things related to your business or industry. Post funny videos related to your industry, or an encouragement message for your followers.
  2. Don’t- Sell, sell, sell. YES, selling is the way we make money and support our businesses, but you don’t want to push your audience to buy something in EVERY post.
  3. Do- Respond within one hour, but no longer than 24 hours.
  4. Don’t- Reply to bad reviews or company complaints on a public forum. “Acknowledge in public, but resolve in private.”
  5. Don’t- Ignore your social media accounts. It can cost you business, and even anger your audience. Be human, be real, respond to your audience.
  6. Do- Post with less than 80 characters, include links, photos, and ping backs for your website.
  7. Don’t- Post long posts. You can run the risk of being “hidden” from the user’s newsfeed in the future.
  8. Do- Build your following organically. We stress this heavily at Business BEactive. Paying for friends is the last thing you want to do. Offer specials for ONLY Facebook followers to increase “likes.”
  9. Don’t- Clutter the newsfeed. Posting too much is the number ONE reason a page may be “unliked.”
  10. Do- Post questions. Post controversial questions. More than 90% of posts with questions have a higher comment rate than those without questions.

Print this blog and check what you are and aren’t doing. It’s important! If you still have questions, contact Business BEactive, today. We’re running 15% off of all services for the month of September. Season is coming.. be prepared.