Collaboration Not Competition

In the world of freelance, it’s important to remember that we’re all in this together. Especially in Buffalo, NY, freelancing is a pretty new thing. I love this city, but it’s easily a decade behind cities like Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, etc.

My personal mission is to create more exposure and education to independent and small business owners about freelancing. In order to do this, I need help.

freelancers working together

Freelancing is valuable to the small business owner because you are able to find someone with a specialized expertise, at a reasonable rate and little to no overhead. With this, freelancers need to work together to grow awareness and support our rates and reputations.

How Freelancers Can Support Each Other

  1. Create similar pricing structures and rates so there is an industry standard
  2. Offer community where you can share successes and challenges for advice and opinions
  3. Share other freelancers’ work within your network
  4. Mentor aspiring freelancers

Far too often, I see freelancers opposed to working with other freelancers who offer similar services because they’re scared to lose clients. This is a common misconception. When it comes to being a freelance business owner, we’re all different in the way we work with clients, our services, and our personalities. And if you’re truly confident in your services, you aren’t worried about competition.

This brings me to my point; collaboration not competition. It’s valuable when freelancers partner and offer a variety of services to independent and small business owners without the business owner worrying about the overhead of hiring employees. We all know hiring can be a tedious task, and there are endless reasons to hire a freelancer verses a part-time employee.

Reasons to Collaborate

  1. The opportunity to work with others who understand your business
  2. The ability to offer a larger service offering in partnership with other freelancers
  3. Spending too much time focusing on your competition can hinder you from success
  4. You’ll gain exposure from “colleagues” as well as respect from them as a subject matter specialist
  5. Other freelancers are a wealth of knowledge – you don’t know everything 😉
  6. Client sharing!

It’s important to work together and provide services rather than compete. As freelancers, we are only one person and are limited by our time. Working with others is how we will succeed. We will education others and service them, together. There is no other way that allows us to thrive in the future of freelancing.