How to Vet a Freelancer

How to Vet a Freelancer

I get this all the time: “I’ve had a bad experience with contractors in the past, I need someone in-house.” It’s sad because I know these individuals just had a bad experience and/or didn’t work with the right person and now it’s affecting my opportunity to work with them.

I want to help educate individuals and small businesses on how to vet and “hire” the right freelancer, because when done correctly, it’s a wonderful thing. Outsourcing used to be looked as as a weakness for businesses, but now it’s a strength with the freelancing and gig economy growing and changing how the workplace does things. The ability to outsource is like having a tool you can engage if, when and how you need it – that’s what freelancers are for and what we do. In future posts I’ll happily review the pros and cons of hiring a freelancer, but first, we need to figure out how to find the right one.

A few tips here on how to find and vet the right freelancer for the job:

  1. Know what or whom you’re looking for and visit niche communities where they “reside.”
  2. Set clear guidelines for a budget and decide what qualities you’re looking for within that budget.
  3. Constantly and consistently develop relationships – you never know who you know or when you might need to reach out to someone in your network.
  4. Ad/ask – when posting your “ask” or ad, be short, sweet and to the point.
  5. Go with your gut
  6. Do they pass the airport test? Would you want to be stuck in the airport with this person?
  7. Ask for work samples and referrals, not references.

If the above is too overwhelming for you, never be afraid to hire an expert to vet talent for you. It can be a time consuming and difficult tasks finding the right freelancer for your needs, but again, you can hire a freelance recruiter to help you or a local agency, it’s up to you.