Who is Business BEactive? The Answer: Marie Pazych

I can’t believe it took me FIVE YEARS to figure out that running a freelance business was what I was meant to do. Business BEactive was created in 2014 when I was approached to manage social media for a real estate agent when we were living in Naples, Florida. It all started there! My father-in-law is a business attorney and suggested that I create an LLC to protect our assets, etc. (legal stuff). Business BEactive was created, not really knowing what “Business BEactive” meant or was meant to be. It was just me and I was going with the flow.

“BEyou. BEsocial. BEactive.” – it sounded cool, but I have slowly created what it actually MEANS over these last few years.

Once I got a taste of marketing, I wanted to grow it into an agency – I contracted someone part-time freelance to help me manage a few clients. Creating partnerships became an obvious need, so I contracted/freelanced a couple more people – a web designer and an app developer. Things were going really well, but I realized I was already getting away from the “real” work I fell in love with. I wanted to manage social media and write content for my clients. I ended up letting my contractors/freelancers know that I would be taking back more of the work – timing just wasn’t right.

Everything happens for a reason though – I worked on my own for a couple more years. In that time we moved from Naples, Florida back to my hometown; Buffalo, New York (Hamburg, to be exact). It was an interesting and difficult but worth-while transition for many reasons. I kept my freelance business going strong on the side from my full time job. I resigned from my full time job in December 2018 to pursue freelancing full time.


I realized that freelancing is my calling and Business BEactive is the way to do it. Be a freelancer, partner with freelancers, help independent and small business owners – YES, I found my calling. Here we are, 2019, freelancing full time and working HARD every day to be successful.

Just a few things that have come from freelancing full time:

  1. Freelance Business Week – I’m honored to be our host for the first Freelance Business Week Buffalo.
  2. WNY Entrepreneur Podcast – I was tagged by a friend on Twitter to be featured, so I can’t wait to see what that holds!
  3. Buffalo Boss Babes – I’m so grateful for my “tribe” of Buffalo Boss Babes! These local ladies are inspirational, powerful and wonderful to be around and supported by.
  4. Freelancing Females – Again, my TRIBE. This one is my online tribe, but powerful all in the same.

There are many more things that freelancing has brought me, but when people ask what Business BEactive is, it’s me – Marie Pazych, full-time freelance business owner. I aspire to cultivate the freelance community in Buffalo and WNY. Feel free to watch me.

Social Media @bizbeactive